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"We really had no idea where to start. Serving coffee seems easy when you go to a coffee shop, they prepare it so fast, but what we heard before we opened the stores was that the coffee machine was the most important thing and Levee Espresso machine really proved that for us, just because we served about 2000 cups a day and it gave us no problems. And I think that says a lot about it. So when you're on vacation your eyes will look for the perfect coffee shop and the perfect coffee. It needs to be smooth. It needs to have the perfect foam if you're having a cappuccino; so it brightens up your day really, and then you start today, you'll start your vacation because you have that perfect cup of coffee you had earlier just makes you feel good. Even the smell of it. If we open a third coffee shop, I would definitely think just because it was user-friendly and it looked so sleek and nice and eye-catching, you know, it would definitely be Levee Espresso Machine for us."

Nihan Altug Bayraktar, Founder of Akyaka Retreats

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"As soon as I saw that this product carries the sign of Pininfarina and combined with the engineering of Helvacioglu, I placed an order while this product was still in the R&D phase. My espresso machine, which has the serial number "001" that located in Naya, and has a special sentimental value since it is the first machine that Helvacioglu produced. This machine that we have been using for 2 years, is gaining a retro appearance as time goes by."

Berker Bulbuloglu, Board Member of Bulbuloglu Holding, Founder of Naya Restaurant & Lounge

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