Siyah Arka Plan


Levee Espresso Machine was designed to deliver a unique experience for baristas.

With over 95 years of experience in coffee roasting, Helvacıoğlu aims to revolutionize the industry with a new two-group professional espresso machine designed to make the best coffee with a particular attention to user experience and unique aesthetics.


The innovative features and the elegant design come from careful research developed by Pininfarina, who worked closely with professional Italian baristas in order to solve the challenges of daily usage.

The surfaces take inspiration from the fluid lines coming from the automotive world, conferring a unique and refined style. In addition, the combination of warm and cold materials such as wood and metal, pose this new coffee machine halfway between past and future, distinguishing itself from any other existing product in the same category. 
Thanks to an intense co-creation with expert baristas and the evaluation of several mock-ups with different configurations, Pininfarina was able to create the best HMI for professional use. 

The result was a perfectly balanced mix of physical controls (knobs) and digital buttons (enhanced by haptic feedback) that guarantees an incredible control over the functionalities without scarifying the beauty and cleanness of the design.




This particular configuration could satisfy the needs of standard baristas (by using the presetting and the top bottoms for simple and fast result) and also of the most demanding baristas (by letting them use the manual control like the front lever for adjusting the pre-brewing time).

The top digital display is also designed arouund specific needs of the professional users and guaranties a precise adjustment of the settings in the most efficient and fast way.

The passion of Helvacıoğlu, the expertise of professional baristas and the deep study provided by Pininfarina allowed to reach an unprecedent and unique design of coffee machine that each cup reproduces the true pleasure of a high-quality espresso.

Siyah Arka Plan

Hayri Helvacıoğlu and his colleagues, Ankara

Siyah Arka Plan


Levee Espresso is subsidiary company of Helvacıoğlu Kahve.

Helvacıoğlu Kahve was founded in 1926 by Hayri Helvacıoğlu in Ankara, Turkey. The company, which sells many food products in addition to coffee, started producing only coffee towards the end of the 1980s. For almost 100 years, we produce coffee with the pride of our ancestors' legacy for 4 generations. 
Now today, besides having 200 tons of coffee production capacity, we are producing Levee Espresso Machine by taking our love of coffee and enthusiasm for making the best quality coffee in the core. 

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Both futuristic and retro look had achieved by combining different exterior materials 


Custom made potentiometers allow very detailed adjustments


By allowing the users to control and record various temperature and pressure profiles, one can experience an endless flavor with Levee Espresso Machine, from the same espresso beans

Siyah Arka Plan


To produce the world's most elegant, high-end and shy tech furniture-like espresso machine with its every single detail in the light of innovative solutions and our heritage


Perfect engineering of Levee Espresso Machine met unique Pininfarina design


Pininfarina S.p.A is an Italian design firm founded by Battista "Pinin" Farina in 1930. Known with its extraordinary automobile designs, Pininfarina S.p.A designs accross industries, such as architectural designs, electronics and furniture and home appliances.