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All of the electronic components of Levee Espresso Machine are manufactured by Gicar Srl in Como, Italy, which is also the supplier of the world's oldest espresso machines and is the largest and most reliable company that has proven itself in this field.


Rotational potentiometers that are used in Levee Espresso Machine are custom-made by Betatronix, located in Long Island, NY. Betatronix is a leader company in designing, testing and manufacturing electronic components, including custom precision pots. The company also produces potentiometers for space-rated solutions and military aerospace applications. Maneuvers of Mars Exploration Rovers, volumetric adjustments of spacesuits, and flip-flop turns of F-35 fighter jets can be given as examples of applications of Betatronix Potentiometers.

Levee Blending with Different Textures and Aesthetics


The rarest and the most difficultly processed wood in the world - Cordia dodecandra -  is hand-crafted, and a work of art is created for the panels of Levee Espresso Machines. 
A special and detailed technique is used for molding that takes 4 days, considering durability to bending because of inner-outer temperature differences. A unique wood protector specially produced in Finland is applied, without affecting the natural and raw look. 

A magnet system is integrated into each of the wooden panels to achieve a strong grip yet easy access to the inner components. 

Cordia dodecandra (Ziricote) is a small tree with a maximum height of 7.5-9 m, which has very limited growth within Central America, Southern Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. Ziricote wood stands apart from other exotic woods with its grain lines. Patterns of Ziricote wood are quite interesting and attractive, those differ such as spider webs, marbled swirls, cloud bursts, valleys etc. Brownnish-yellow sapwood presents a bold contrast with red-brown hardwood and irregular wavy dark streaks. Ziricote is one of the rarest and the most expensive woods among the other woods. Its hardness, high density, and good bending strength give stability during processing. According to studies, Ziricote is naturally resistant to rot and decay.

Stainless Steel with Texture

Patented stainless steel is produced in the USA. The 3-dimensional textured metal surface has 0.73 mm thickness for lightness, yet is extremely durable due to the robust design. 

History new.001.jpeg

Helvacioglu Kahve was founded in 1926 by Hayri Helvacioglu in Ankara, Turkey. The company, which sells many food products in addition to coffee, started producing only coffee towards the end of the 1980s. Levee is Helvacioglu Kahve’s brand created to set out a new standard in the industry by producing highly innovative and well-designed coffee machines. Pininfarina had the role of translating this outstanding vision into a design language capable of communicating premiumness at first sight and creating an emotional bond with end-users, thus materializing Levee’s ambitions and brand values.

To learn more, visit Pininfarina-Levee

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