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Pininfarina had the role of adapting Helvacıoğlu Kahve's vision, experience, and knowledge into a unique and refined espresso machine design. 



The rarest and the most difficultly processed woods in the world are hand-crafted, and a work of art is created for the panels of Levee Espresso Machines. Cordia dodecandra (Ziricote), Diospyros malabarica (Black and White Ebony), and Juglans nigra (Walnut American) are the main types of woods that are used on Levee Espresso Machines.

A special and detailed technique is used for molding that takes 4 days, considering durability to bending because of inner-outer temperature differences. A very unique wood protector that is specially produced in Finland is applied, without affecting the natural and raw look. 

A magnet system is integrated into each of the wooden panels, so that a strong grip yet easy access to the inner components have achieved.


Levee Single 1_edited.jpg


The Z-shape of Levee Espresso Machine is a signature design that comes alive within 15 days for each machine. 6 pieces of stainless steel become united by an outstanding study of a futuristic assembly, without a single visible screw instead of traditional assembly techniques.


Levee became the first espresso machine in the world with a grid on the upper tray, and took its inspiration from the iconic car designs of Pininfarina.

Both upper and lower grids can be disassembled and assembled easily for cleaning purposes.



Custom-produced thin plexiglass feet and cup holders give a clean, light, and floating effect. 

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