Merkezi Gradyan Şeffaf
Merkezi Gradyan Şeffaf

Born from Helvacıoğlu Kahve’s coffee-making expertise and Pininfarina’s flair for design, the new Levee espresso machine aims to give professional baristas the tool they need to extract the very best beverage.

Helvacıoğlu Kahve tasked Pininfarina with creating a design that would stand out both for its sophisticated aesthetic and its practicality.

The approach Pininfarina adopted was to develop a machine with a seamless, high-end finish. All nonrelevant elements such as screws and mechanical parts are hidden from view. Yet given this is a professional machine, access for maintenance is still a high priority, so the design team created a system of magnets that attach key cover panels, which look sophisticated to the eye and yet are easy to unlock when necessary.

Merkezi Gradyan Şeffaf


Separate Boilers

Separate brew boilers for each group, and a steam boiler for steam production.


With custom-made rotational potentiometers, the most precise brewing profiles can be displayed quickly, without applying any force.

PID Control

Allows controlling brew boiler and steam tank temperatures separately.


One main pump, and gear pumps for each brew boilers. Allows arranging pressure vs. time profiles.


3 different brewing profiles for each group can be recorded and assigned to keybuttons, and can be changed anytime.


Embedded 5 in. touchscreen with user-friendly HMI for creating brewing profiles and for settings.

Dot-Matrix Display

Boiler temperatures and brewing time are displayed.

The Design

The sophisticated and avant-garde design studied by Pininfarina immediately makes these two coffee machines stand out from competition.


Back, front and side panels can be customized. Wooden, carbonfiber, leather and stainless steel options are available.





Weight (with empty tanks)

Weight (with full tanks)

Brew Tank

Steam Tank




43.7 cm / 17.2 in

49 cm / 19.3 in

45 cm / 17.7 in

45 kg / 99.2 lb

51 kg / 112.4 lb

1.5 L, 1000 W

4.5 L, 1000 W

220V Single, 50/60 Hz

2.1 kW


87.2 cm / 34.3 in

49 cm / 19.3 in

45 cm / 17.7 in

90 kg / 198.4 lb

105 kg / 231.5 lb

1.5 L, 1000 W (*2)

12 L, 4000 W

380V 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz

6.2 kW

15500 USD

26500 USD