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With separate brew and steam boilers, espresso can be extracted as often as desired without a loss of temperature and power. Thanks to the large steam boiler, steam can be produced without any time constraints.

The heaters of each boiler can be turned off and on independently. Turning off the unused boiler provides energy savings.

The temperature of each boiler can be changed, and these boilers have high thermal stability.

With a dot-matrix display, the brew boiler temperature and chronometer during brewing can be easily followed.

The high-tech rotary potentiometers allow for making the most sensitive brewing profiles, and a pressure vs. time graph is created.


For each group head, the last brewing profile can be saved with a single button. Three separate records can be created for each group head and can be changed easily at any time. 

A manual pressure-time profile can also be created with the touch screen.

Automatic on-off time and holiday can be set.

Quick warm-up when opened.

Levee Espresso Machines have the perfect combination of digital and physical controls, as a result of the intensive studies to create the best HMI.

Customizable wooden panels can be changed easily thanks to the magnet system inserted.



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