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Levee 2 Groups - Specifications

Width: 87.2 cm / 34.3 in

Depth: 49 cm / 19.3 in

Height: 45 cm / 17.7 in

Weight (with empty tanks): 90 kg / 198.4 lb

Weight (with full tanks): 105 kg / 231.5 lb

Brew Boiler: 1.5 L, 1000 W (x2)

Steam Boiler: 12 L, 3000 W

Voltage: 380V 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz

Wattage: 5.3 kW

Essential Features

​With separate brew and steam boilers, espresso can be extracted as often as desired without a loss of temperature and power. Thanks to the large steam boiler, steam can be produced without any time constraints. Quick warm-up time.

​The heaters of each boiler can be turned off and on independently. Turning off the unused boiler provides energy savings.

​The temperature of each boiler can be changed, and these boilers have high thermal stability.

​With a dot-matrix display, the brew boiler temperature and chronometer during brewing can be easily followed.

​Brewing can be made in volume (ml) or time (s).

For each group head, the last brewing can be saved in milliliters or seconds with a single button. Three separate records can be created for each group head and can be changed easily at any time.

Automatic on-off time and holiday can be set.

​Levee Espresso Machines have the perfect combination of digital and physical controls, as a result of the intensive studies to create the best HMI.

​Customizable wooden panels can be changed easily thanks to the magnet system inserted.

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